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Addiction Recovery Support for Individuals

If you are in recovery from addiction, and actively participating in a program (such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, etc.), I can support your recovery. Addictions are formed to cope with emotional pain. For many people, 12 step (and similar) programs are tremendously helpful in arresting their addictive illness. These programs provide valuable tools and community support in helping to form new and healthier strategies for facing our emotional pain. And, some people want professional support in addition to their group work, to help heal the painful underlying wounds. Very often these wounds stem from growing up in dysfunctional families or from some other kind of trauma that hasn’t yet been resolved. Healing these trauma wounds is possible, and I have found trauma therapy, including Lifespan Integration to be particularly useful in supporting individual recovery. Please note that I am not a primary addictions counselor (In WA State this is called a CDP or Chemical Dependency Professional).