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Trauma (Including PTSD)
Whether from early childhood wounds or more recent events

Are you missing out on the rich possibilities of today because of the traumas of your past?

The emotional wounds caused by trauma, or by not getting our emotional and physical needs met when we are young, are particularly tragic because until they are healed they continue to cost us dearly. They interfere with our ability to respond reasonably to situations that stir our emotions, and with our ability to appreciate and be compassionate with ourselves. We lose our sense of worthiness and our ability to trust ourselves and others and thus, our ability to form the healthy relationships we all need to thrive.

Lifespan Integration
Therapy to Help Individuals Heal Emotional Wounds

Lifespan Integration is a gentle yet powerful individual therapy tool for rewiring our brains to heal emotional wounds. If you are struggling with issues caused by low self-esteem and self-compassion (depressed, overly anxious, unable to say “no”, unclear about what you want, stuck in unhealthy patterns) or if you’re having trouble functioning and moving forward after a trauma (having emotional outbursts, flashbacks, trouble sleeping, etc), call me to get started healing so that you can reclaim your todays!

For more information about Lifespan Integration, visit the Lifespan Integration website